1. Mission

  • Produce high-quality advertising videos that will attract users’ interest, collaborating with the development team and UA team. 
  • Analyze competitive materials to create efficient creative ideas.
  • Analyze the basis of success and failure of strategies to improve Creative Best Practice.
  • Share know-how of producing fruitful materials with Creative team, development team and UA team. 
  • Achieve short-, medium- and long-term OKR that is given to Creative team

2. Role

  • Produce advertisements, store videos, and screenshots to meet the video specifications required by each network company.
  • Benchmark competitive materials and produce videos with a steady interest in mobile game publishing.
  • Benchmark competitive materials to get ideas for the latest trends.
  • Compare/analyze creative performances for each ad channel. (Facebook, Google Adwords…)
  • Perform and improve periodic efficiency testing of materials.
  • Plan and operate the SNS channels run by BitMango and attract users’ attention (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram…)

3. Required Competencies


  • Planning and Analysis: ability to analyze competitive materials based on data and derive efficient creative ideas
  • Planning and Analysis: ability to analyze the basis of success and failure of strategies, ability to improve strategies
  • Production: ability to produce quality advertising video (skill to utilize advertisement production tools such as After Effects, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Attitude (collaboration): Challenge to new projects
  • Attitude (collaboration): sharing know-how in materials production, communication skills



  • Skills to analyze indicators in successful mobile games 
  • Data-driven, superior marketing skills
  • Knowledge in causal games