1. Mission

  • Design and implement availability, scalability, and performance planning for Linux and cloud-based service environments.
  • Re-evaluate existing stacks and infrastructure continuously to maintain optimal performance, availability, and security.
  • Develop CI / CD best practices by constructing automated infrastructure and leading the creation of CI / CD pipe lines for applications.

2. Role

  • Keep systems in optimal condition by operating/managing H/W, OS, and networks and solving failures.
  • Introduce and manage solutions and open-source services needed in-house.
  • Review and implement system audits and performance management (low, load, etc.) regularly.
  • Analyze and improve security vulnerabilities.
  • Develop and execute procedures for responding to emergencies and maintain data backups.
  • Contribute to improving the overall technology of the company by acquiring and sharing new skills

3. Required Competencies​


  • Deep knowledge of H/W, OS(Linux), Network(Switch, DNS, VPN등)
  • Understanding of Bash Script
  • Skills to manage cloud platforms such as AWS / GCP
  • Knowledge of virtualization technology (VM, Docker)
  • Good communication skills regardless of non-development/developmental job group


  • Experience in Linux Server Troubleshooting
  • Experience in DB(MySQL, etc.) backup and recovery, monitoring, and resolving faults
  • Understanding of Infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Security-related technology
  • Experience in monitoring / reporting (e.g. Sensu, Grafana, NewRelic, CloudWatch)

4. Technology (some of the technologies we use)

  • 40+ Bare Metal Servers in IDC 
  • AWS & GCP Cloud Services
  • Ops: Git (Github/Gitlab), AWS CLI, Microservices architecture, Continuous delivery
  • Database: SQL (MySQL, Impala, PostgreSQL, SQLite) and NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • Cache: Redis, Memcached
  • Productivity: Drive, Slack, Agile development
  • Language: Python, Bash, PHP, JavaScript