1. Mission

  • Sell ad traffic as efficiently as possible.
  • Achieve the target ARPDAU to become a pillar of the company’s growth.
  • Analyze the basis for success and failure of the strategies to improve the IAA Work rule.
  • Follow the trend in the market based on the constant interest in monetization of mobile game advertisements.
  • Spread IAA know-how and help team members grow together.

2. Role

  • Establish and implement advertising revenue strategies for the game.
  • Understand and apply the monetization model to optimize advertising networks.
  • Manage and optimize advertising mediation.
  • Manage the quality of advertising inventory.
  • Build trust with advertising revenue partners and collaborate to optimize advertising revenue.
  • Optimize advertising revenue through A/B testing of ad pages, ad ranking waterfall, and user segment classification.
  • Work with the development team to optimize advertising pages and new advertising formats.

3. Required Competencies


  • Data analysis skills : Identify the cause by looking at performance changes by campaign
  • Ability to respond to situations : Devise an action plan based on the understanding of each network and mediation and data
  • Communication skills : Agreed and implement strategies with internal and external teams that need collaboration 
  • Design and implement active advertisement monetization tests to improve performance 



  • Ability to analyze revenue indicators in successful mobile games
  • Experience in monetization
  • Expertise in advertising mediation tools
  • Understanding of mobile game business models
  • Knowledge of statistical analysis tools (extel, python, SQL)