Global NO.1 BitMango!

BitMango is a global NO.1 game publisher that spreads fun games all around the world.

Since its establishment in 2011, it has developed and published mobile puzzle games.
In January 2019, in order to focus on each specialized capability, our game studio was separated into “Puzzle1studio”
Now we are focusing on publishing mobile games.

As a result of developing and publishing games with a lot of know-how accumulated over 10 years,
we have become a global game game publisher that stands out in the North American market.


We have the know-how to publish more than 50 games. We have developed <Roll the Ball>, which has been downloaded by more than 170 million global users, as well as <Block! Hexa Puzzle>, which is currently in the top ranks of puzzle games in North America. In particular, <Wordcookies>, a word game, was selected as Apple’s most popular games and apps of 2017, and has become a representative game for the company and is loved by users around the world.

CEO | Kisup Lee

Core Value


Ability to correctly recognize, properly resolve, and achieve results through creative, logical, and critical thinking of several problems that may happen during the job.

Growth mindset

Ability to continue challenging, believing that constant effort, strategy, support, and assistance can improve your level of competence. If you fail, you are not disparaging your future potential, but instead creating a stepping stone to future success.


Patience and enthusiasm for long-term goals, and the ability to maintain determination and motivation for a long time in the face of failure and adversity.



Seeking Sustainable Growth as a Global Game Publisher

  • Targeting annual revenue of 270 billion through expanding publishing contents, users and platforms


Continuous Growth

  • Awarded “100 Million US Dollar Export Tower”
  • First publishing with an external game company <Mahjong Tour: Witch Tales! (Qumi)>
  • A character collaboration with ZeptoLab’s <Cut the Rope>


Use the Past Decade as a Cornerstone of Greater Growth

  • Awarded “7 Million US Dollar Export Tower”
  • #6 Global Downloads for 2020 Puzzles


A new start

  • Focusing on publishing(Puzzle1studio is in charge of game development)
  • Launching <Jewels Magic : Mystery Match3>
  • Launching <Brick Out – Shoot the ball>


Sustainable Growth

  • Launching <Bubble Pop!> 
  • Launching <Block! Triangle puzzle : Tangram>
  • Launching <Line Puzzle: Pipe Art Launch>


Fast Growth

  • Mahjong Solitaire: Launching Classic
  • Launching < Lollipop2 & Marshmallow Match 3>
  • Launching <Bunny Pop>


The Fruit of Our Efforts

  • Reaching the Break-even Point After Five Years of Establishment
  • Launching <Word Cookies>
  • Launching <Jewel Match King>
  • Launching <Block! Hexa Puzzle>
  • Launching <Bunny Pop>


The Fruit of Our Efforts

  • Launching <Words Crush: Hidden Words!>


A Meaningful First Step

  • Challenges to Global Publishing
  • Launching <Roll the Ball>


Various Challenges

  • Changing the Direction of Game Development From RPG Games to Mobile Puzzle Games
  • Starting as a Game Company That Makes Mobile Puzzle Games, Not Games Including Violence And Gambling


Establishment of BitMango

  • Transitioning from SI and Advertising Solutions Company to GameCompany

The Growing Pains of Conversion

  • Persistent Efforts That Started With a Love of Games