Core Value


We are transparent with each other on a regular basis with all kinds of information, from the little details to the deeper insights


We are driven in pursuit of continuous growth and development of job-related competencies through learning and hard work


We demonstrate autonomy as we responsibly perform our work according to the goals aligned with the company


We work together with clear and considerate communication to accomplish our goals


We are not afraid to achieve higher goals and greater outcomes, despite the idea of failure


We clearly understand and follow company rules. If needed, we improve those rules

Our Journey

In 2011, Bitmango was founded with the grand ambition of being a global puzzle game company. The reason why we chose puzzle games is that we want to create fun and sound games that everyone can play. In addition, they are sustainable.

In the past, People played games all night long, but now, the time they play a round of games is getting shorter and shorter – especially in mobile games. With this belief, we have made and published a variety of puzzle games, accumulating a lot of know-how.

The accumulative downloads of our games in 2015 reached 40,000,000, increasing to 4,200,000,000 in 2017, multiplying 10 times in 2 years. We become a global puzzle game company.

A New Beginning

In January of 2019, Bitmango was divided into 2 companies for sustainable growth: Bitmango, the publisher, and Puzzle1Studio, the game development studio. Our goal at Bitmango is to write our own story with people having high capabilities and passion. In collaboration with people who share the Bitmango ideals, we are constantly publishing awesome puzzle games that transcend age, gender and nationality worldwide.