1. Mission

  • Find and execute ways to give game users the best gameplay experience.
  • Respond to the needs of client and user with fast and accurate testing and build updates.
  • Prevent clients from any disadvantages such as game bugs/launch errors etc.
  • Consider the urgency when launch errors arise and follow the schedule to resolve the problem.
  • Achieve short- and medium-term OKR given to the CX team.

2. Role

  • Minimize user inconvenience by responding to the issues updated by continuous testing.
  • Test and launch apps quickly and accurately by responding to issues of game development and publishing teams immediately.
  • Be able to set priorities according to the importance of issues according to the results of tests.
  • Comply with Workrules correctly and improve, apply, and share procedures, if necessary.
  • Take all measures such as issue tracking and sharing to solve issues.
  • Communicate effectively with the development team and publishing team.
  • Detect and prepare for policy changes that  are needed to be followed-up by each App Store.

3. Required Competencies


  • High understanding of mobile devices (OS, software)
  • High understanding of App store (Play Store, App Store, Amazon Store.. etc)



  • Deep interest in mobile puzzle games and publishing environments
  • Excellent English proficiency in reading and writing
  • Having an open perspective and experience and understanding of the multinational environment