1. Mission

  • Contribute to accomplishing the team goal  by increasing the efficiency of advertisement through Playable Ads.
  • Develop and maintain reusable codes and libraries.
  • Develop lighter versions of existing games.
  • Technically implement the UI/UX design proposed by Creative Specialist and ASO Specialist.

2. Role

  • Develop Playable Ads of games serviced by BitMango by using html and javascript technology.
  • Perform and improve A/B ad testing.

3. Required Competencies


  • Understanding of web programming (html, javascript,..)
  • Understanding of object orientation and web technology
  • Skills to introduce and design the concept that is suitable for techniques in use and language paradigm
  • Ability to write readable and structured codes that are consistent with design
  • Skills to handle errors
  • Good communication skills regardless of non-development/developmental job groups


  • Ability to analyze indicators for successful mobile games