1. Mission

  • Consistently find and execute ways to give game users the best gameplay experience.
  • Improve CRM manual and Best Practices to suit user preferences and trends.
  • Identify issues as soon as possible and play a leading role in resolving them in collaboration with the development team.
  • Achieve short- and medium-term OKR given to the CX team.

2. Role

  • Analyze user structure, behavior, metric and write reports based on user feedback.
  • Communicate effectively with the department working together by considering the priority and schedule of issues.
  • Detect and prepare for policy changes that need to be followed up in the market.
  • Look for ways to enhance interaction with users through the interaction with game development teams.
  • Coordinate necessary things to be needed for proper content marketing through interrelationship with the marketing team.

3. Required Competencies


  • Expertise in customer satisfaction and customer experience management (including professional skills to reply to inquiries)
  • Skills to identify causes and solve problems when issues arise
  • Customer Feedback Data Mining and Indicators Analysis
  • High interest in user feedback and passion to give a great game experience.



  • Fluent English skills in reading, writing areas (Opic IH and above)
  • Skillful use of related tools (Helpshift, Appfollow, Gitlab, etc.) and suggestion of a direction for improvement
  • Deep interest in mobile puzzle games and publishing environments
  • More than five years of experience in foreign culture
  • Having an open perspective and experience and understanding of the multinational environment