Publishing Manager Interview


1. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello. I’m Dana, the manager of Team UA.


2. What does your team do and which responsibilities are you in charge of?

My team is responsible for increasing overall sales of apps through performance marketing and update planning.

You can think of UA as bringing more users to the game.


3. How’s the atmosphere in your team?

We are fully immersed in working during business hours and enjoy chatting during lunchtime? (laughs) My team usually focus on their work individually because their work is clearly divided. But if we have something to discuss, we share our opinions freely. We feel comfortable when we’re together.


4. What’s your daily routine as a UA manager?

I have a lot of meetings every Monday. I participate in various meetings such as the publishing managers meeting, team meeting, game developers meeting, and external network company meeting.

When I go to work, I start my day by checking the indicators first and check whether there are any issues with UA. I tell the UA specialists how much they can spend on each app, and have them decide the budget they will use for various network companies. We check the updated status and schedule through a short 10-minute meeting every day. If there’s any special issues, we share them during the meeting.


5. Which specific indicators do you check?

There is a slight difference between apps, but I check DAU, Daily Sales, Daily Spend, and ARPDAU for all of the apps. For example, for new apps that need a lot of investment, the spend is definitely bigger than what you earn. But if the spend is too high, you may not be able to recover it later, so you have to check how much the accumulated ROI is and how well the DAU is going up. If the revenue tuning update has been processed, I check if there is any ARPDAU change and if the marketing is going well in time for the update.

In the case of a stable operating title, I check if the DAU is doing well, but if the DAU is falling, I increase the spend. This is my workflow when working with indicators.

*ROI : return on investment

*DAU : Daily Active Users

*ARPDAU : Average Revenue Per Daily Active Use


6. What is the role of your team in game publishing?

My team is important in that it is at the forefront of the company’s sales. It’s the team that drives the company’s growth the most because it’s responsible for the company’s sales. It’s a lot of pressure, but I think I can feel a sense of accomplishment because I can achieve tangible results in numbers.


7. When did you feel the most rewarded while working?

I feel the most rewarded when the app is well-established and reaches the desired sales target.

Sales continued to improve significantly last year, and I was very proud then. I also feel proud when we receive positive feedback that our company is growing well and when game studios trust my team and let us take care of their games.


8. What difficulties do you face while working?

Sometimes, I feel burdened. There are many communication channels and things to consider. I have to check the situation continuously and have on-going communication with game studios and networks.

Also, it feels like I’m taking responsibility for everything in the apps and putting them on the market, so there’s a lot to care about. BitMango has many apps to publish, so I feel more responsible.


9. What are you doing to enhance your job competency?

I usually read a lot of related books. It certainly helps me get insights. Also, I’m learning about game trends by playing games that have recently been ranked.

For example, I want to keep trying to figure out what new features other match3 games on the market have, what they’re using to make sales, and what new products are in the store.


10. Any advice for juniors who are preparing for the same job?

I don’t think major has much influence. If I have to pick something, it’s not closely related, but it would be business administration and statistics.

SQL is more helpful for your work than major. This is because you can process the data in the form you want and check it.

Also, it’s good to develop data analysis skills. Performance marketing is a job that looks at a lot of data. Therefore, the ability to read flows from vast amounts of data is essential.


11. If a new employee joins the team, who would you like to work with?

It is obvious but important to know what performance marketing is and how it differs from brand marketing. That means you’re interested in this job.

Also, the ability to reach your own conclusion is important, too. There’s a huge amount of data in BitMango, and it’s important how well you draw insights from it.

I think it would be good if you are good at analyzing the data yourself, setting up hypotheses, and verifying them.


12. Why did you choose BitMango among various game publishing companies?

I think I can tell you the reason in one word, ‘opportunity’. I was able to do things that I couldn’t do anywhere else as a new employee. Although I was a new employee, I had a lot of authority in work, so it was fun to work. I’m not just doing what I’m told passively. It’s a rare opportunity that I can’t experience anywhere.


13. If you have any special know-how to join BitMango, please tell me.

It’s important to deliver your opinion clearly during the interview. For example, I might be wrong about the assignment given during the first interview, but  I’ll give you a high score if I can understand the process of reaching that conclusion to the point where I think, “You may think so.” To sum up, it is important that your own rationale and conclusion are clear!(laughs)


14. Please tell me what you want to achieve at BitMango in the future.

Last year, the monthly sales of BitMango was 10M. This year, I want to make it 15M, 1.5 times last year.

I should work harder and take more responsibility.(laughs)