1. Mission

  • Design the economy of various goods offered by games and define metric that is measurable and capable of improvement.
  • Identify and improve purchasing drivers and improvements in the game’s economic situation, and optimize prices to improve game performance.
  • Create an economic system to meet players’ needs by recommending reward and revenue-generating game features.
  • Build and analyze predictable simulation and predictive models.

2. Role

  • Work on multiple portfolio games at different stages of development.
  • Monitor and analyze the collected data from the newly launched game and and apply it to the game.
  • Design an economic system that allows players to experience games and improve the game environment.
  • Design new features that enhance players’ long-term satisfaction and provide more revenue opportunities.
  • Collaborate with product owners, marketing managers, UX / UI designers, analysis teams, data scientists and development teams
  • Manage the economy and price of virtual products and maintain a balance between free content and charged currency in the game economy
  • Strike a balance between customer experience and revenue opportunities for currency and virtual goods in games
  • Analyze and propose different macro-economic models for different user segments.

3. Required Competencies


  • Data analysis skills : Communicate actively for collaboration with other departments based on analysis skills of numbers, formulas, and data
  • Ability to respond to situations : Grasp the current situation in data-based games and make/propose improvements
  • Communication skills: Propose direction through collaboration with studios at a developmental and service stage of games



  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, mathematics, statistics, engineering, or statistics.
  • Excellent understanding of casual/puzzle games
  • Excellent skill to use Excel 
  • Knowledge in SQL \ Python \ R 
  • Experience in data visualization tools
  • Knowledge and experience in monetization of advertisement