1. Mission

  • Develop internal Web tools and applications and design/build back-office systems.
  • Identify, design, and implement internal process improvements: automation of manual process, optimization of data delivery, redesign of infrastructure for scalability, etc.
  • Work with stakeholders in game development studios and publishing organizations to support data-related technical issues and support data infrastructure needs.
  • Work with data analysts to enhance the capabilities of the data system.

2. Role

  • Design and implement optimized DB table and develop high-performance API.
  • Understand Microservice Architecture and RESTful API and modularize software.
  • Identify the needs of departments and provide tools for improvement and automation of business process.
  • Build and maintain optimal data pipeline architecture.
  • Provide visualized Dashboards through collaboration with analysts.

3. Required Competencies


  • Deep understanding of RDB, NOSQL, and SQL
  • Deep understanding of networks, systems, and infrastructure
  • Understanding of Bash Script
  • Skills to introduce and design concepts suitable for used technology and language paradigms
  • Skills to write readable and structured codes consistent with designs and to handle errors
  • Good communication skills regardless of non-development/developmental job group



  • Experience in developing Back-End application
  • Experience in utilizing Docker
  • Experience in high traffic, distributed systems, and tools(service discovery, config/secret management, etc.).
  • Experience in the services and technologies used in BitMango Technology Stack
  • Carrying out tasks associated with BitMango ecosystem: gaming, apps, ad tech, etc, at all scales

4. Technology (some of the technologies we use)

  • AWS & GCP Cloud Services
  • Ops: Git (Github/Gitlab), AWS CLI, Microservices architecture, Continuous delivery
  • Database: SQL (MySQL, Impala, PostgreSQL, SQLite) and NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • Cache: Redis, Memcached
  • Productivity: Drive, Slack, Agile development
  • Language: Python, Bash, PHP, JavaScript